Handycoat Stucco Putty is a ready to use filler and skim-coat for most building surfaces, including sand / cement render and gypsum board. It has an extra fine particle size to give a high quality even surface for painting. Handycoat Stucco Putty is specially manufactured for the painter to repair and touch up interior surfaces, both old and new, prior to painting. StyroSkim Putty is a ready to use flexible filler and skim coat for fine leveling of Terraco EIFS basecoat surfaces (Styrobond DP applied surface) and other masonry substrates. It gives a high quality even surface for painting. StyroSkim Putty is specially manufactured for Terraco EIFS System and sheathing board joint systems. For EIFS It is recommended to level out and build up thicknesses when the final finish coating used is a low profile or smooth coating. Due to its excellent adhesion, flexibility and enhanced impact resistance, it is used for sheathing board jointing and skimming of internal and external walls and ceilings.

Handycoat Stucco Putty is made from a selected blend of acrylic polymers and precisely graded fillers. The product is:

  • Easy to use.
  • Does not flake off.
  • Has high adhesion power.
  • Has high coverage.
  • Quick drying.
  • Vapour permeable.

When dry, Handycoat Stucco Putty bonds extremely well to cementitious materials, gypsum, gypsum boards, sprayplasters, wood and all common building surfaces. Handycoat Stucco Putty is suitable for skimming over other Handycoat / Sprayplaster grades to produce an extra fine surface for fine finishing.

  • Used for jointing and levelling of Sheathing board systems including Cement fiber boards, Calcium silicate boards, Gypsum boards (interior-exterior type), Magnesium Oxide boards etc.
  • Used for levelling and skimming of various surfaces including masonry substrates and sheathing boards.
  • Used to build up thickness (up to 1-1.5 mm) when the final finish used is a low-profile smooth coating.
  • Ideal for Terraco EIFS system
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