Terraco Pluggit 311 is a one-component rapid setting repair mortar which is used to stop water leakages in concrete and masonry. Terraco Pluggit 311 is shrinkage compensated and hence creates a watertight repair even under constant water pressure. Terraco Pluggit 311 offers the following benefits:

  • Rapid setting formulation.
  • Shrinkage compensated .
  • One-component easy to use compound.
  • Chloride-free, corrosion-free compound.
  • High early strength properties.
  • Sets above and below water

Terraco Pluggit 311 is used to repair concrete or masonry surfaces where running water or moisture seepage is present. It is suitable for use to fill static cracks and holes in foundations, tunnels, reservoirs, sewerage pipes, basements, water tanks, etc.


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