TERRACO Sprayplaster Basecoat DP is a polymer enhanced sprayable cementitious plaster which is used as a basecoat plaster for the Terraco Sprayplaster system. It only requires simple mixing with water and is suitable for thickness’ of 8-20mm. Sprayplaster Basecoat DP is a sprayable polymer modified plaster with the following properties:

  • Excellent workability.
  • Excellent adhesion to difficult substrates.
  • Crack-free finish.
  • High speed finishing system.
  • Vapour permeable system.
  • Low density lightweight system

Sprayplaster Basecoat DP is recommended where average plaster thickness will exceed 8 – 10 mm of base plaster. Sprayplaster Basecoat DP is suitable for plastering all commonly prevalent cementitious substrates in buildings. It is suitable for application over both external and internal areas (including wet areas). It is suitable for  Ceilings – concrete ceilings, hourdy ceilings, precast ceilings, polystyrene ceilings and Walls – block walls, concrete walls

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