Terracrete is a high quality, two-component, cement based, polymerized, flexible and permanently waterproof slurry coating, suitable for use in areas with extreme climatic conditions. Terracrete has good anticarbonation properties. Terracrete is especially recommended as an effective waterproofer for wet rooms, reservoirs and below-DPC EIFS tanking. A liquid-applied two pack waterproof coating which requires only simple site mixing prior to application. It is easy to apply and once dry it forms a strong flexible waterproof coating.

Terracrete is an elastomeric; polymer modified cementitious waterproof coating, supplied in two components, as a liquid resin and powder, to be mixed on site before application.

Terracrete Resin Based on acrylic resins highly resistant to alkalinity.

Terracrete Powder Based on special hydraulic cements, precisely graded fillers and performance enhancing additives.

  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Application by brush or spray.
  • Pot life of greater than 2 hours at elevated temperatures .
  • Excellent adhesion to dimensionally stable concrete/render.
  • Seamless permanent coating.
  • Vapour permeable – allows substrate to breath.
  • Fixed ratio system – no added water.
  • High UV and weather resistance.
  • High flexibility.
  • Non toxic.
  • Good anti-carbonation properties.
  • Cement mortars and tile adhesives can bond to it directly.

Terracrete is suitable for waterproofing concrete and masonry substrates in the following areas:

  • Waterproof lining of non-potable water tanks and reservoirs.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Water transport and irrigation channels.
  • Retaining walls and foundations.
  • Wet room walls and floors.
  • Planter boxes.
  • Filling of blow holes / pores in concrete.
  • Repair of hairline cracks and low build concrete repairs.
  • Decorative ponds, concrete gutters, irrigation canals and patios.
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