Terramix Putty is a skimcoat and repair compound for filling fine cracks and surface defects in light weight concrete, fairfaced dense concrete, blockwork and brickwork. It may be used on both interior and exterior surfaces to give a hard, smooth water resistant finish suitable for painting or wallpapering. Terramix Putty is both hydraulically and organically bound, guaranteeing good adhesion to the substrate. Due to its composition and the use of precisely graded fillers, a smooth, high quality surface is obtained on walls and ceilings.

Terramix Putty is a skimcoat and repair compound is suitable for:

  • Fair-faced dense concrete.
  • Repairing damages and cracks.
  • Repairing nail holes.
  • Repairing of concrete block and brick work .
  • Light weight concrete.

Terramix Putty is also for For filling or repairing fine cracks and surface defects in concrete, blockwork and brickwork, in order to produce a surface of the highest quality for final decoration

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