Terravertine is a lime based natural plaster, for use on most interior surfaces. Terravertine can be finished as a smooth or textured polished finish. The smooth finish leaves the surface with variable degrees of sheen dependant on the level of surface burnishing. A sense of depth is achieved through the polished light and shade effect. The textured finish allows for unique effects and styles to be achieved through various application methods. A combination of smooth and textured finish, applied in panels, provides for a dramatic and elegant finish. Terravertine can be tinted using conventional alkali resistant, natural shade colourant pastes.

Terravertine is a hydrated lime based aggregated polished plaster with the following properties:

  • Smooth and/or textured polished finish
  • Highly resistant to staining and scratching
  • Unique high quality polished plaster finish
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-combustible.

Terravertine is designed for use on most interior substrates; concrete, cement rendering, lightweight concrete and fair-faced block-work. Terravertine performs equally well on gypsum drywall. The gypsum board joints must be taped with glass fibre scrim, filled with Handycoat Exterior, prior to application of Terravertine

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