Weathercoat GP is a high quality two-component, elastomeric, versatile and permanent waterproof coating suitable for use in areas with extreme climatic conditions. Weathercoat GP is specially formulated for water retaining structures for e.g. swimming pools & potable water tanks. A high quality, versatile, permanent waterproofing system for roofs, facades, wet rooms and water retaining structures. The system will adhere to new and old surfaces of precast and in-situ concrete.

Weathercoat GP is an elastomeric, polymer modified cementitious waterproof coating, supplied in two components, as a liquid resin and powder to be mixed on site before application.

  • Weathercoat GP Resin Based on advanced acrylic resins, miscible with Portland cement and cement-based materials in various proportions, high resistant to alkalinity. Weathercoat GP resin is also suitable as an additive to mortars and screeds to increase their tensile, compressive and flexural strengths and reduces their water cement ratio.
  • Weathercoat GP Powder Based on special hydraulic cements, precisely graded fillers, wetting agents and adhesion promoters.

Main Advantages of  Weathercoat GP are:

  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Application by brush or spray.
  • Pot life of more than 2 hours at ambient temperature.
  • Excellent adhesion to dimensionally stable concrete/render.
  • Seamless permanent coating.
  • Vapor permeability – allows substrate to breathe.
  • High UV and weather resistance .
  • Low temperature flexibility.
  • Excellent water impermeable coating under tiles .
  • Suitable for concrete potable water tanks.
  • High flexibility.
  • Non-toxic.

Weathercoat GP is Suitable for waterproofing of most building surfaces but especially where crack bridging and a high degree of waterproofing and protection is required such as for:

  • Potable water tanks, retaining concrete tanks, reservoirs.
  •  Swimming pools.
  • Under-tile waterproofing.
  • Fish ponds, decorative ponds .
  • Planter boxes.
  • Concrete roofs (exposed and under tile application)
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